. Net Development

Custom Solutions., experienced .NET development team utilizes .NET framework to deliver custom web and desktop .NET applications as well as quality multiplatform and complex enterprise solutions. Our customer .NET success stories prove the value of Conquerors Technologies Software services.

Our Certified Professionals at Live soft tech., bear Excellence in the areas of

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

Office Add-ins, Office Active documents

Reporting solutions,
SQL Server Reporting Services

Workflow solutions (WWF)

Azure solutions

Windows Forms, WPF

Silver light

SharePoint solutions

Live soft tech., realizes the importance of efficient and competent open source technologies for the development of cost effective applications. Open-Source technologies bridged in conjunction to the .NET framework are

Microsoft Enterprise Library


Microsoft POS for .NET



Premier Custom Products
Live soft tech., has developed and implemented the following

Desktop Application

School manager

Inventory control

Human Resource manager

Payroll Software

Billing software

Mobile Solutions

Custom mobile apps on windows platform

Asset tracking

Resource and Utility tracking

Enterprise Solutions

In-House Store management

Payment Processing

Order-Delivery monitoring System

School/College management

e-Commerce solutions

Fund Management

Web Application

Hospital Survey Tool

Medium Scale Industrial ERP software

Business Intelligence Software

Document Management

Exam/test managing application

Assessment and Reporting – Online portal for educational testing systems

Domain Specific .NET Technology
Domain specific .NET technology Implemented by the Consults at Live soft tech.,


.NET Technologies


ASP.NET, Web controls, Mobile web controls, AJAX


Declarative/imperative security, Cryptography


Custom controls, XP/Office look-and-feel, MUI


COM Interop, PInvoke, Add-ins/Plugins

Data Access

ADO.NET, Typed datasets, ORM, Custom manager data providers


.NET Compact Framework

Web Services

SOAP, WS-Security, Grid Services


Synchronization, Asynchronous processing


Installation packages, Automatic update


Management, Performance counters, Logging

Distributed Applications

Enterprise Services, Network programming, .NET Remoting

Task specific Technical capability
.NET technology used for completing the specific task are listed


.NET Technologies


Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel-based Reports, LGX Reports, ActiveReports

Product Extensions

MS Office Add-Ins, MS Office Smart Document Applications, Smart Tags, Visual Studio Add-Ins, Shell Extensions, Internet Explorer Extensions

Multithreaded Programming

Synchronization, Multithread processing, Thread pooling, COM apartment management

Data Access

Online/Offline ADO.NET Models, Typed DataSets, Smart Client Applications, Object-Relation Mappers, Data Access Code Generation, Heterogonous Data Source support, Custom Managed ADO.NET Data Providers

Advanced WebForms Techniques

ASP.NET User Controls, ASP.NET Custom Controls, Caching (data, page, control), Custom Validators Client side scripting, Ajax and XQuery techniques

Code Generation

Brute-force Code Generation, CodeDOM Code Generation, XSLT Code Generation, Dymanic Code Generating

Graphics/Media Programming

GDI+ Drawing, Managed DirectX, OpenGL

XML Web Service Programming

SOAP Messages, WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-Trust, Service Discovery (UDDI, Disco), Grid Services

Network Programming

Sockets, Asynchronous Data Processing, Standard Protocols, Custom Protocols


COM Interop, PInvoke, Primary Interop Libraries, Custom Marshalling


Declarative security, Imperative security, Impersonation and Delegation, Code Access security, Cryptography, ASP.NET Authentication

Windows Service Programming

Service management, Performance Counters, Event logging (Event Log, WMI, Database)

Distributed Programming

.NET Remoting, Custom Channels, Asynchronous Remoting, Remote object life-time management

Advanced WinForms Techniques

WinForm User Controls, WinForm Custom Controls, Bidirectional Data Binding, Custom Error Providers, Asynchronous Data Processing, Custom Designers


MSI installation packages, ClickOne technique, AutoUpdate technique, Custom installation packages

Enterprise Services Programming

Distributed Transactions (MTC), Application Pooling, JIT Activation, Loosely Coupled Events, Queued Components (MSMQ), Role-Based Security

Advanced Application Framework Techniques

Multilanguage Application UI (MUI), Application Localization, Application configuration, XML/XSLT/XSD programming, Reflection

Mobile Technologies

.NET Compact Framework, ASP.NET Mobile Controls