About us

Custom Solutions is a well established, started by faith in early 2014 to create a company that would truly help grow their clients businesses by working with them more as a strategic partner. We’re providing services to global clients, definitely not like other peers but are powered by strong team of dedicated professionals with a global outlook. We don't do a lot but what we do, we do well, in the areas of Software Development, Software Consulting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Web developments, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO). If you've got a project and want the help of a professional, please contact us, or request a free to get started today.

What We Do.... ?

We design and build new platforms for your business – desktop, web, social, mobile solutions and then work with you to obtain high natural search rankings (SEO & SMO) for your own site using a range of proven methods. We are a team of designers and usability experts, web developers, and real world marketers. We fuse together to design and build web, social, mobile apps for entrepreneurs, start-ups, mid-sized companies and enterprises across the world and then make it available to the world with a professional SEO outlook. Working on in-house applications and products ourselves, we test and debug to give you the first hand experience of excellence. We offer wide range of services that exceed your expectations. Our Values..

We work together with our clients To deliver the right solution, at the right Time and Price We are open and honest in our communication Sharing information and knowledge and clear insight into options, status, pricing and timescales We are committed to our clients to ensure they obtain the highest possible standards of service and quality of product We act with integrity… Constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards We believe in what we do. When you find yourself about to make a decision on your next web design/development project, choose Live Web solutions.,. Why? Because we work to exceed your expectations and secondly because we intend to redefined the Technology ... so when we work with you’ll be sure that we have an eternal goal and you are a part of it.